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Here at TheTested, we offer free Expert Advice and Reviews saving you time and money! If you're into technology, we offer free information on TVs, laptops and projectors. If this isn't your cup of tea, we also offer reviews on car related gear and money making products.

Reviews provide honest and impartial information, this filters good products from bad products. That's our aim at TheTested, this way you'll never have to deal with less than the best products on the market.

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Expert Advice and Reviews

Into Technology?

TV's, laptops and projectors are among our favourite type of products to research.

Projectors provide a large screen at a fraction of the cost of the equivalent size TV. They're great for getting that home-cinema experience and many support 3D as standard. Add a home cinema speaker system and you're ready to watch all your favourite movies!

Having owned a two projectors within the last few years, I don't have many complaints. Family and friends are always amazed by screen size! I can't believe more people don't own them.

Despite praising projectors, there is a major disadvantage, practicality. Unless you have a spare room that can be dedicated to a home cinema, it can be impractical to say the least. You will need to ensure there is almost no light in the room in order to get the best video quality. This is where a TV may be more suitable for you.


Car and Motorbike

Whether you're looking for a dash camera, pressure washer, or general car cleaning products we're here to help.

Cleaning your car needs to be done with care. This means you shouldn't tackle it with washing up liquid and a sponge. Using the wrong products can severely damage your paintwork. 

As a car cleaning/detailing enthusiast myself, I know it can be hard to decide what product is for you. In today's world we're provided with a huge range of clay bars, shampoo, polish, wax, tyre shine and more.

Having done the research necessary, I can help you get your car as close to that showroom finish as possible.

Check out our Car and Motorbike page for top tips on cleaning and detailing.


Make Money Online

With the internet full of scams and get rich quick schemes that simply don't work, reviews by existing members are all important.

I know this service is legitimate because I created it myself.

Top Tier Betting

If you're new to no risk matched betting, you should check out my Top Tier Betting service. It doesn't matter if you have no experience, you'll learn everything you need to know and can earn around £40 with the free membership.