Best Car Products 2016

Whether you're looking for a dash cam, pressure washer, or general car cleaning products, continue reading to find the best car products of 2016!

Here's the thing:

One of the best car products you can buy is a dash camera.

Investing in a dash camera may prove beneficial in the event of an accident and may save you a LOT of money.

With a huge range of dash cameras on the market, it can be hard to decide

If you don't have a dash cam in the event of an accident, you have to rely on witnesses or insurance companies trusting your word. This means you're an easy target for car crash scammers.

UK roads are far from accident free. By fitting your car with a dash camera, you can prove your innocence in the event of a crash. While owning a dash camera sounds worthwhile simply for this reason, there are many other benefits.

One of these gadgets can chop your insurance premium by up to 15%.

Dash cameras have many great features. One of these is loop-recording. Yes you could fit a normal digital camera to your car, but what happens when the memory is full? Yes, you lose footage.

Loop-recording ensures that you never run out of memory. It does this by automatically deleting the oldest footage once your memory card can't take anymore.

If you'd like more information on dash cameras, go to our Top 5 Dash Cams.

Which Pressure Washer suits you?

I think most of you will agree when I say:

It's incredibly difficult to understand the differences between the levels of pressure washers on the market. 

But don't worry...

We've reviewed what we believe to be the Top 5 on the market. You can see them on our Top 5 Pressure Washers page.

A pressure washer will remove dirt and grime from your car or patio with minimal effort. Your budget will likely be the main factor influencing which pressure washer you go for. They range from around £50 all the way up to £500+. 

A basic pressure washer will provide you with 100Bar of pressure and basic hose attachments. This is great if you're simply looking to jet the excess soap off your car after it's been washed. 

With high end pressure washers, you'll get a range of attachments as well as more pressure. These can be used to clean your car, patio, decking, windows and more. 

When looking to buy a pressure washer, your specific needs are important.

If you don't need all the bells and whistles, you can save money by going for a basic model. On our Top 5 Page, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages to each pressure washer. This will allow you to choose which one most suits you

Car needs cleaning?

Can't I just use washing up liquid to clean my car?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. While washing up liquid will clean your car short term, it will also create swirl marks and strip your paintwork of it's protective layers.

Whether you need a basic pressure washer to clean your car, or a high end to clean your patio and more, we're here to help. 

Anything other than the right car cleaning products may result in your paintwork being scratched or damaged.

your car should be fun. Using the right products can help to make sure that's the case.

When cleaning your car, the safety of your paintwork should be your first priority. Using products such as washing up liquid to clean your car could damage your paint.

Since owning my first car I've been a car cleaning and detailing enthusiast. That means that I've tried and tested many different products. From car shampoo to clay bars and more, you name it, I've used it.

Go to our cleaning and detailing page to see our favourite products!

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