Best Technology of 2016

I know... it's near impossible to keep track of technology. We like to keep things simple, read through this article and find the best technology of 2016!

Finding the best tech for you is quite simple...

However, with technology advancing at it's current speed, it's hard to keep track. Here at TheTested we do the leg-work to keep things easy on you.

I love researching and reviewing all tech related products. Technology has been a passion of mine since as long as I can remember.

It doesn't matter whether it's TVs, laptops or projectors, I've taken the time to research them simply due to pure interest.

Bored of that old TV?

Personally, when looking to purchase a TV, I simply go for 1080p.

Although that is my preference, there are many other variables such as contrast ratio, response time, brightness levels and more.

You may also be interested in Smart features as these are important for many consumers.

SmartTVs provide use of apps such as Facebook, Skype, News, Netflix, YouTube and more.

This means you no longer need to plug in your computer to watch your favourite Netflix series.

If you'd like more information as well as detailed reviews see our top 6 TVs.

Want to try something different?

In total I've owned 2 projectors over the last few years.

The first being a BenQ W700. This was a 720p projector. Despite this, it still looked great.

My current projector is the BenQ W1070+. It's not the best projector on the market but it fit my budget at the time.

While not the best, it still provides 1080p and side-projection, making it more practical.

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