Top Tier Betting, Genuine or scam?No Risk Matched Betting

In today's day and age, there are many make money online scams. Thankfully there are a few genuine ways to make money online. One of them is no risk matched betting.

It works by taking advantage of bookmaker sign up bonuses. This is done by using a back and lay method which covers all outcomes of any event, leaving nothing to chance.

The Back Bet

A back bet is the traditional way of betting wherein you are saying that you think something will happen.

The Lay Bet

A lay bet is the total opposite. You are saying you don't think the selection will win.

For example. If you lay a horse and it loses, you win the bet. It doesn't matter what horse wins as long as the one you selected doesn't.

Combine both of these types of bets and you are able to cover all outcomes of any event. Therefore you can't lose money.

Free Bet Requirements

Bookmakers require that you first place a bet with your own cash in order to redeem a free bet bonus.

You can do this without risking any cash by using the back and lay method.

Once you do this, a free bet will be credited to your account. Repeating the process will ensure a risk free profit.

Want to learn more about no risk matched betting?

At Top Tier Betting, you will learn everything you need to know. A standard membership is offered free of charge, and will teach you how to make around £15 within the next few hours.

If you enjoy the service, you can sign up to the Gold Beginner membership and work your way through the rest of the beginner offers, potentially earning up to £450.

The Gold Beginner membership comes charged at £6.99 per month.

Start Today with No Risk Matched Betting

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